Revenue and expenditure tracker!

Financeses is a financial tool that helps you keep track of how much you earn and spend from anywhere around the world.


Simple and effective

Processes information speedily

Financeses is written on PHP with MVC model thereby making it fast and effective.

Financial records

Financeses keep track of all your financial balance including cash, card, bank or e-wallet accounts. We have a provision on our platform where your available amount can be inserted. From then on any transaction will calculated automatically to keep your account balance up to date.


View the summary of your transactions, income and expenses all at once. Our filtering feature allows you to see your past financial records. Choose from any date.


You don’t have to be an expert in coding to manage you profile and set the system to suit your needs.

Multiple users

You are allowed to create a saas software with Financeses because it permits more than one school accounts.

Amazing and responsive UI

Financeses was designed with so much enthusiasms no wonder it performs magic

How it works

Financeses has several functions that allows you customize your settings

Revenues: Track your incomes and assort them out in groups. Every detail needed will be captured including the account that was credited with the income.

Expenditures: Track your expenditures. It provides you with details of the account that was debited and the available balance. Expenses can also be sorted out in groups.

Budgeting: You can restrict your monthly expenses by setting a limit. Insert your expected expenses and monthly incomes, then make a budgetary allocation to every category and set a limit. It will instill discipline in your spending. Nice right?

Get reasonable & long term updates

Financeses offers a very competitive price. Our plans are affordable and pocket friendly. We have a customer support team that is always ready to help you.

Top performers


Medium enterprise




Build a strong financial base

Financeses provides a high level of financial discipline to its users. Financeses makes budgeting less rigorous and time consuming. Group your finances into categories. Financeses has the perfect layout and an amazing visualization to assist you manage your finances. Check out more qualities below

Want to learn more?

See our FaQs


Will an expense tracker help my finances?

Yes, it will help you keep track of your finances without any stress. You can manage all your income and expenses while on the move. No papers required and all your details are safe.


Can I have a currency swap on this platform?

You can manage your money in any currency. Go to setting and choose the currency of your choice.


What do I have to take to create a budget?

Firstly, outline your personal goals to suit your financial goals. Go to the dashboard on the platform, then tap “adjust budgets” to create a budget. It is that easy.


Which software do I need to download to use your services?

All our services are online. You don’t have to download any app or software to use our services.

See what Financeses will look like on your device

Permits the use of multiple devices!